Tell your state legislators: Fully support NJ Transit!

State law mandates NJ Transit to electrify its bus fleet over the next decade to help clean the air and mitigate climate change. However, it does not have the funding necessary to make a full transition to electric buses.

For the past decade, more than $80 million per year has been diverted from the Clean Energy Fund to finance NJ Transit. This money is paid by ratepayers like you in your monthly utility bills to fund clean energy and energy efficiency programs, but instead has been diverted to fill the state budget coffers.

It's time that state legislators stop the diversions from the Clean Energy Fund and create a dedicated source of funding for NJ Transit. But they won't do it unless they hear from their constituents.

Send a message to your state legislators now, telling them to make these changes in the ongoing budget process.

Subject: Stop diverting the Clean Energy Fund and fully support NJ Transit!

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