Reduce plastic waste through increased recycled content requirements

Following the passage of the single-use carryout bag ban, New Jersey is a leader when it comes to zero-waste policies -- but we still have work to do. After its passage in the State Senate in June, the post-consumer recycled content bill (A4676) finally made progress in the Assembly, passing out of the Environment and Appropriations Committees within the last six weeks. This bill will strengthen the market for recyclables and help keep new fossil-fuel derived plastics out of the waste stream by requiring increasing percentages of post-consumer recycled content in a variety of plastic, paper and glass packaging products.

During this mad rush in the final legislative days with so many bills under consideration, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin needs to hear from you that post-consumer recycled content is a top priority for the health of our environment, our communities and our local recycling industry. Contact Speaker Coughlin today and urge him to post A4676 for a final vote on Monday, Jan. 10.

Subject: Post A4676 for a full floor vote on Monday, Jan. 10